CrossPoint Women is designed for every woman, no matter your season of life. We believe in supporting and empowering women to live out the calling of womanhood that God has for you.

We do this through the following two avenues:

 1. Re-Connect

RE-CONNECT is a fun game night-themed evening - the perfect opportunity for ladies to get together, have some laughs, and get caught up with our sisters.  Invite a friend, neighbor or co-worker to join you for an evening to RE-CONNECT with each other. 


2. Revive Night

The second avenue is our Revive Night. These nights are designed for women of all ages to unite together to be refreshed, refueled, and revived. They focus on helping women discover who God has created you to be and empowering you to live out that truth.
We know that as women you are pulled in every direction and you selflessly give to everyone around you. Our goal is to provide you the atmosphere to leave behind all the stresses and worries of the day and give you the chance to just be you.